What a luxury destination wedding in Ireland means to us.

To our clients, luxury is not just a designer label or a price point, luxury is the gift of time. At Inspired Events, we take the time to ensure every detail of your event – big or small – is taken care of, so that you don’t have to.

Our process is focused on efficiency and keeping everything as simple as possible for you, so that when it comes to collaborating with us, you only need to do the decision making, and then you can quickly get back to doing what it is you need to do.

We are your boots on the ground, so when you arrive in Ireland, you get to enjoy every single moment. Simply put; we are experts in our craft and our ability to give you the gift of time is rivalled by no other.
For every destination wedding, we are consistently full service. We’re integrally involved in all aspects of your event, from décor and design, to management and everything in-between

We do it because we love it!
Our business is built on loving what we do. We are passionate and deeply invested in the events we create for you. See more about our destination weddings, click the link below !