Wedding Planner VS Venue Coordinator

A lot of people are confused about Wedding Planners, Wedding Coordinators at venues etc, so lets clear up the confusion. You may have heard of “day-of-coordinator”, but this is a title that shouldn’t really exist, because no wedding coordinator can simply turn up on the day of your wedding and make sure your day runs smoothly without having any prior involvement in the planning process.

Your venue will put you in touch with their “Wedding Coordinator”, who will walk you through the venue, show you the ballroom, show you menu’s, help you decide what wine goes with each meal and which package you want to select from their wedding brochure.

Let’s fast forward to your wedding day….. as the bride, you have put in SO MUCH WORK into putting your personal touches into EVERY..LAST..DETAIL of your wedding. You will be busy enough getting ready to meet your groom and looking fabulous without having to think about all the little details and the things that need to get done and then you think to yourself,” I know, I’ll ask Mom or Auntie Jean to look after those details and do all that kind of stuff”. Right ?? NO, Wrong !!

Mom and Auntie Jean don’t understand exactly how you want your day to go, also, they don’t want to miss even one second of one of the most important days of your life ! Sure, they will do it for you if you ask, but wouldn’t it be much nicer for Mom or Auntie Jean to just enjoy your magical day.

For you, the beautiful bride, the last thing you want to have to be doing on the morning of your wedding is stressing about whether the flowers have arrived, or if your reception looks and feels just how you imagined or if your make-up artist or photographer or DJ or Band members suddenly gets ill and can’t turn up. Things can go wrong and you know Murphy’s Law, they most likely will, and how will you sort it ….. You won’t have to, because that is my job. As YOUR WEDDING PLANNER its my job to sort it, so all you have to do is look stunning in your dress and enjoy every last moment of your day !

I wish I’d had a wedding planner at my own wedding. From the moment I woke up at 6.30am on the morning of our wedding, to 7.30am the following morning when we eventually went to bed I had the biggest smile on my face, our wedding was awesome, one of the best days of my life. We had the most amazing wedding but there was so much planning that went into it, we had a reception at The Park Hotel Dungarvan. James and I wanted our guests to be entertained so we hired Celtic Rhythm ( four Irish Dancers) to come and perform a short version of Riverdance…. they were amazing !! James and I also practiced salsa dancing for a month before our wedding and did a three minute salsa dance as a surprise dance …. it was so much fun and nobody was more surprised than my Mam, she thought we didn’t have two steps between us LOL. And just so you know… 3 minutes is a LONG time when you’ve got 140 pairs of eyes on you !! But between all that going on during the day, and making sure the day flowed smoothly, we had DJ’s and the band and the dancers coming up asking questions and taking up our time from our guests, payments had to be made to vendors on the day, wedding favors had to be placed on tables, flowers had to look just right, and on and on…. if I’d had a wedding planner she or he would have dealt with all of that for me.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “I’ll be able to sort out all that myself and anyway the venue has a “wedding coordinator” so they can sort all of that for me. Nope, wrong again !! Again, the venue has a VENUE COORDINATOR as mentioned before, that they sometimes give the title of wedding coordinator, that coordinates your wedding menu and who meets with you to discuss your wedding menu etc but at the end of the day the venue coordinator works for the venue. Their job is to ensure that the venue is prepared for your arrival, that you and your guests are seated on time, that the meal is ready and served on time and also that the venue doesn’t get damaged during your reception. The Venue Coordinator won’t be there during the planning process to ensure all your details of how you want your whole day to look and feel are brought to life, they just deal with the catering and they work for the HOTEL, a Wedding Planner hired by you, works for YOU !

Here at Inspired Events, we are Trained and Certified Professional Wedding Planners, Wedding Coordinators and Event Planners.

Your Wedding Coordinator starts working with you six weeks before your Wedding Day, she will help you tie up any loose ends you haven’t covered with the vendors that you have hired. Be there to guide you through the process of what is left to get done, conduct the rehearsal, formulate a timeline for the Wedding Day and ensure your Wedding Day runs just as you imagined it.

Your Wedding Planner works with you through the wedding planning stages to create a bespoke wedding day with you right from the initial concept of how you want your day to look and feel, she will act as a liaison between you and your vendors, check their contracts and insurance, conduct the rehearsal, formulate a timeline for the wedding day, and will save you time and money because she will only work with the best.

She knows exactly what you and your groom want your wedding to look and feel like and be there to take care of you both on one of the most memorable days of your life ?

Oh and bonus, now Mom and Auntie Jean get to have a fab day too, doesn’t that sound great ?

Well if you’re ready to look fab in the dress and leave us deal with the stress, Happily ever after starts here …

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