Random things you should know about Wedding Planning

At Inspired Events, we know it’s a very demanding job to plan a wedding, for all the lovely brides-to-be, you’re only going to do this one (hopefully) and you want everything to be perfect on the day. Here’s just a few things in a VERY long list of things to remember ;

  • Your venue will most likely have a Wedding Coordinator…. This person is not your Wedding Planner, they work for the venue. For them, the venue comes first and then you. A Wedding planner on the other hand , works for you, you are their top priority in the run up to your wedding and especially on the day itself. The venue wedding Coordinator takes all your details, such as menu choices, wine choices and guest accommodation…. they will not be there at the ceremony location to help out or make sure any of your selected vendors have actually turned up, your Wedding Planner will !
  • Hire a professional Wedding Planner to take care of the Day of Coordination, don’t rely on family or friends to help or set things up. Let them be guests. Leave the work to the pros.
  • Read all your contracts thoroughly. Make sure they all have a Force Majuere clause, and make sure you understand them. We all hope the worst won’t happen but if it does, make sure you are protected.
  • Don’t try to DIY everything, focus on one or two things and leave the rest to the professionals.
  • Make your RSVP date one month before you actually need it, this will give you time to chase up the non responders.
  • Check your wedding day doesn’t clash with any big event happening in your area on the day, you will need to add in extra time to accommodate delays.
  • Double check anyone pronouncing names at the ceremony or reception actually know how to.. You’d be surprised how may Priests, DJ’s or Bands get it wrong !
  • EAT a protein packed breakfast and lunch, it will keep your energy and mood up for the long day ahead.
  • Drink plenty of water, yes, it means more trips to the restroom but it beats passing out with heatstroke or looking dehydrated in your wedding photos !
  • DELEGATE… your bridal party are there for you on your big day, give them tasks.
  • Don’t overfill your bridal suite with too many people when you’re getting ready.
  • NO coloured drinks in the bridal suite, clear only … preferably champagne !
  • Make sure your planner or someone in your bridal party knows how to bustle your dress properly (preferably before they start drinking) otherwise you will be carrying your train for the entire day and night.
  • Give your marriage licence to your Wedding Planner or MOH to take to the ceremony.
  • Assign a person who you want the Wedding Planner to hand over the gifts and comeback items to.
  • ALWAYS have comfy shoes for the night of the wedding. Yes, you may want to tough it out and of course will want to look stunning in your high heels, but your wedding day is such a long day, you will definitely want the option to change them once the dancing starts.
  • Have moments of alone time as a new married couple, have a quick bite to eat or drink !
  • Never assume anything, you’re positive your parents won’t want to make a speech ? Double check. You don’t want to miss out on this special moment and letting them have the honor of doing a speech.
  • Have your caterer prepare a couple to-go box. You may not eat the whole meal during your reception and even if you do you’ll still be hungry by the time the night is over. Then you won’t have to worry about finding food at 2am.
  • Above all… HAVE FUN !! This is such a special day for you and your partner and you’re spending a small fortune on it. The best way to ensure you get to enjoy every moment is to hire a professional,certified wedding coordinator so you can just work on looking fab in your dress !

For a stress free wedding day with someone looking after all the little details so you can just work on looking fab in your dress call Rachel on 086 8298706