Micro Weddings

Because .... Small is Beautiful !

Micro Weddings

So, if the thought of planning a huge wedding for 150 – 250 guests has you totally overwhelmed and running for the hills, then we have the perfect solution for you ! Our micro weddings have everything you want…. just on a smaller scale !

What is a Micro Wedding and is it for you ?

A micro wedding is about planning a wedding that fits your budget and style and it takes approximately 3-4 hours so its considerably shorter than a traditional wedding.

It’s for you if you want a beautiful, intimate wedding and to get married without all the things you feel obliged to do and without all the guests you feel obliged to ask.

It’s for you if you just don’t want to wait another few years, scrimping and saving every penny because paying for your wedding is costing a small fortune.

It’s for you if you just want to get married without all the fuss and endless decisions.

It’s for you want to get married in your jeans and t-shirt or if you want to get married in a stunning red dress and designer shoes, then do…. It’s your wedding, have it your way !!

Micro Weddings are so much fun, you invite 20 to 30 of your favourite people in the world to come and join you in your beautiful celebration.

We plan everything for you, from your Venue to your Celebrant, your Flowers, your Photographer and your Wedding Reception designed and decorated just the way you want it.

Who has a Micro Wedding ?

Our couples want an intimate wedding celebration with good food and wine and to be surrounded by their most favourite people in the world. It’s for the couple who don’t want the traditional wedding and want something bespoke and personal to them as a couple.

Our couples know what’s important to them, they know what they want and don’t consider a huge wedding a necessity.

We have lots of couples who have big families who think that they need to invite everyone….. they don’t need to !

With a Micro Wedding you can be as creative as you want because you don’t have the same costs as you would for a huge wedding.

The average Irish wedding costs just under €25k, you can have a micro wedding for a fraction of the cost and have the most beautiful wedding celebration without any of the stress or decision fatigue that goes with planning a traditional wedding.

With a Micro Wedding, because you have a small guest count, you can afford to splash out on the things that are important to you as a couple, like a fabulous dress and suit, beautiful linens and decor, florals. Or you can keep it was minimalist as you want and instead splash out on your honeymoon instead, this is totally up to you.

We provide you with everything that you need to make a beautiful celebration and get married the way you want, you guys turn up on the day looking gorgeous and we do the rest !

It’s really just 6 simple steps for you to have the most spectacular wedding day !

  • Contact Rachel on 086 8298706 and select a date for your wedding.
  • Choose from our extensive list of stunning venues.
  • Choose your favourite people in the world to celebrate with you.
  • Choose your Flowers and Cake from our gorgeous selection.
  • Choose from our catering packages.
  • Choose from our Gold, Silver and Rustic decor packages.
  • We coordinate every aspect of the day and we are there with you every step of the way to make sure you have the most awesome Wedding Day !