Destination Weddings

We help you plan your perfect Irish wedding

Has it always been your dream to get married in an Irish castle or beautiful country manor? Ireland truly is a special wedding destination, where unforgettable experiences are made.

Here at Inspired Events, we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to gaining access to some of the most stunning historical sites and monuments in Ireland.

We will take care of all the administrative details

US, Canadian, UK and European citizens can get married in an Irish castle. There are a few simple rules and regulations to be observed, but that’s where we can help you and take care of the administrative details.

We understand that your wedding is the most important celebration in your life and it needs to be more than perfect; it needs to be romantic, beautiful and above all “you”. We love creating memories and when you want your vision flawlessly brought to life, Inspired Events will handle everything.

As a destination wedding couple, you will be surrounded with the utmost support. From travel arrangements and accommodation to wedding licenses and all the vendors, you can place your wedding in the hands of a professional.

We work with clients around the world to plan their perfect Irish wedding

Thanks to modern technology, we are able to work with clients around the world, across many different time zones. Communication is critical when planning a destination wedding; we will keep you fully briefed every step of the way.

So whether Ireland is your destination or your home, let us help make your dreams come true. While we quietly look after all the details behind the scenes, so you can enjoy the lead up to your dream wedding in Ireland.